News – June 2014

Hi All

Just a quick note to introduce myself, my name is Jo Shortell, I am the new Wetherby Sports Association Secretary. I have yet to meet the majority of you, some of you know me as a Wetherby Bulldog Parent, as my son plays for the U16’s, you may have seen me round the club on Tuesdays and Thursday and most weekends at some point.

Just A few things I would like you all to know, I have set up a Facebook page, (a Twitter page already exists) as in my opinion it gets information out there, so the more club members who are Facebook and Twitter users we can get to like our pages the better. In previous employment I have been in; 80% of our business came from Facebook And Twitter, which is good going. Lets hope we can do the same at the Sports Association.

The Link to Facebook is:

or if you are logged in to Facebook search for Wetherby Sports Association and like the page.

And the link to out Twitter page is:

or search for @wetherbysports and follow us.

I hope you can take time to do this as it is another way of communicating whats happening around the club.

I know I will never get round to meeting you all but I will be contactable via email at: or

Kind regards

Jo Shortell
Wetherby Sports Association